Friday, 8 May 2009

Becky Hunt

Life is a war with the trolls in the vaults of the heart and brain

Oil on canvas, 70¾ x 61 ins

Becky Hunt’s paintings are absurd and mysterious constructions inspired by the totems, objects and ancient structures used throughout history to manipulate and appeal to the forces of good fortune. With the understanding that such efforts are defunct, Becky works with a sense of humorous foreboding to create similar statues, utilising the superstitions and fatalism which still exist today and mashing it with the comprehension that any such cosmic appeasement is destined to fail. The environments created are both invented and recognisable, populated by the strange and supernatural creatures found in myth and legend. Cartoon, illustrative qualities in the paintings demonstrate the futility of such gestures, but these optimistic winks at providence, despite their futility, are still potent and irresistible attempts to dam bad luck and pool good.

Born 1979. Lives and works in London.

Studied at Chelsea College of Art (Foundation) 1998-1999;

Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design (BA Hons – 1st class) 1999 – 2002

Selected exhibitions:

2009-Breaking New, Five Hundred Dollars, London

2009-London Art Fair, John Martin Gallery, London

2008-Surface 08, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

2008-Cube 08, Cube Gallery, Manchester

2008-Unnatural Histories, The Nunnery Gallery, London

2008-Open West Midlands 08, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2008-Pages, Museum of Instillation, London

2007-Residency at Gallery Yujiro, London

2003-Centre of Attentions Art Prize, London

2002-Island Film & Video Festival, Prenelle Gallery, London

2001-Huntings Art Prize, Royal College, London

2000-Strangeways, Byam Shaw College, London

2000-957 miles, 1550km (part 2), Central Saint Martin’s, London

2000-A Strain of Blue, E-Loft, London

2000-Upstarts, ACME Fine Arts, London

2000-957 miles, 1550 km (part 1), Lelub Pod Reka, Krakow Poland

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