Friday, 8 May 2009

Stephen Warrington

[Illustrated: Untitled (Composite Drawing), Pencil on paper, 2008 from Poignancy Passing Muster, at The Wharf Road Project, London]


2009, Pencil on paper, wooden speaker-stands, speakers and sound, Dimensions variable

Stephen Warrington presents an audio-visual piece combining a set of sounds playing through a pair of speakers, with drawings displayed on constructed speaker-stands. These two modes of production are explored in relation to constructing a combined narrative. Through layering recordings of hand-made sounds, the notion of the artist's hand as an expressive tool is given an importance which is at once undermined by the austere arrangement of the sound and the rigidity of the drawing. Although the intimacy of viewing the drawn elements is at odds with the public projection of the sound, these two methods are held together - one mode literally supporting the other.


2008 Poignancy Passing Muster, at The Wharf Road Project, London

2007 Flock, GX Gallery, London

2006 Pessimism is Solar / A Flat Unaccented Signal OR Electrifying the Night, Parade Space, London

2006 Stepsiblings, Temporary Contemporary, London

2005 3:16, Candid Arts, London

2005 Memorise, Candid Arts, London

2004 InsideOut, Corridor Gallery, London

2003 Usual ¦ Ominous ¦ Sentiment, Hotel Bellville, London

2003 One Night Stand, Notting Hill Arts Club, London


Foundation, Chelsea College of Art & Design (2000-01)

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon School of Art (2001-04)

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