Friday, 8 May 2009

Mindy Lee

She Wears it Well

2009, Collage and collaged paint on paper, 59 x 50 cms

Both the collage and the paintings explore a shifting growing and mutating world, which merges attraction and repulsion into a monstrous hybrid.

The collages pull together fragments of found representational imagery with the paintings’ abject world using both reclaimed paint and reclaimed reproductions of previous paintings. As the collages grow, individual identities between abstraction and representation shift and are seen anew. The collages then trigger future paintings, which regurgitate back into the collages.

The collages create a collapsed space, which sucks disparate elements together into an amorphous mass. By contrast, the miniature paintings explore an emptying out or a breaking down and loss of imagery. Remaining elements reclaim the space and spread beyond the confines of the stretcher, as the painting moves between illusionistic space and a visceral reality.

Artist and Curator, Born 1977 Bolton, England. Lives and works in London.

Solo Exhibitions

2008-‘Slipping Out’ [Solo Show] Blyth Gallery, London. 8 Oct – 7 Nov

2005-‘On my Own’ Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London.17Jan - 30 Jan

2001-‘Recent paintings’ Sound 323, London

Group Exhibitions

2009-‘Breaking New’ Five Hundred Dollars Gallery, [Jerwood project space] Vyner Street, London2009-‘The Pleasures All Mine’ Transition Gallery, London. 14 Feb - 8 Mar

2008-‘ ‘00 Nature’ Contemporary Art Projects, London. 10 Apr - 14 Jun

2008-‘Life is only half the story’ Christ Church, Spitalfields. 28 Feb - 01 Mar

2007-‘Gyre and Gimble’ Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London.14 Nov - 14 Dec

2006/7-‘Salon Connexions’ Contemporary Art Projects, London. 9 Dec - 7 Jan ]

2006-‘Between eyes and fingertips’ Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London.8 May - 2 Jun

2004-‘Christmas Tree’ The 39 Gallery, London.16 Dec - 19 Dec

2004-‘the show Part 1’ The Royal College of Art, London

2003-‘Great Things’ Anna Leonowans Gallery, Nova Scotia, Canada

2002-‘Child line’ Heathcoat’s, Manchester

2001-‘Take Part’ Blackpool and Northwest Tour

2001-‘Time’ Clock Tower Centre, Croyden

2000-‘From the Studio Floor’ Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham

1999-‘Six Art Colleges’ Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

1998-‘Annual Exhibition’ Gloucester Docks, Gloucester

1998-‘The Ghosts of a Chance’ Francis Close Hall Chapel, Cheltenham

Future Exhibitions

2009-‘Creekside Open 2009’ curated by Mark Wallinger. APT Gallery, London. 4 - 21 Jun


2003-Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Halifax, Canada

2001-Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham


2007-Beauty within Dirtiness. pp 44-45. Garageland Issue 5. ISSN 1749-9267

2004-UK Athena Art Project. Imperial College, London

2004-The Show, Part 1 Royal College of Art, London [Catalogue] Royal West of England Academy, Bristol


2003-Amlin Art Award, Amlin, London


2004 - Present Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London


2002-04 MA Painting, The Royal College of Art, London

1996-99 BA [Hons] First Class, Fine Art Painting, Cheltenham and Gloucester College

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